Our Alarm Response Units, respond to all our own clients intruder and fire alarms and also respond to intruder and fire alarms on behalf of the KeyHolding Co.

When an alarm comes into our control centre, one of our alarm response vehicles is detailed to deal with it

On being passed an alarm, the response driver will sign out the keys for the assignment where the alarm activation is. The response unit will make its way to the activation. When the unit gets to the activation, the unit will inform the Control Centre on site. If the Police are not in attendance, the response unit will first of all do an external check of the premises looking for signs of a break in. If any break in is found The Police will be called and the response driver will observe the scene untill The Police get to the assignment.

If no sign of a break in is found the response unit will enter the premises and read what the alarm panel is showing. If the panel is showing a single cause for the activation the response unit will investigate the cause. If the panel is showing multiple detectors have activated then the response unit will wait for one of our Dog Units to arrive before going any further into the premises.

The alarm response unit once the cause of the activation has been established will then if its a false alarm re-set the system and leave a full report for our client, and then secure the premises. If a break in has been found, The Police would have been called and our client also informed and instructions from our client would then be followed.

All of our alarm response drivers have many years experience working with all types of alarm systems and responding to a wide range of assigments. All response drivers as required by law hold an SIA licence and have been subject to our own enhanced vetting.