All our Dog Handlers have at least 25 Years experience working with German Shepherd Dogs. The Dogs when not working live with their Handlers, forming a unique bond between Handler and Dog. When our Dogs retire they remain with there handler to enjoy a full family life.

The Dog Section covers all types of assignments and also deals with response calls such as intruder alarms and CCTV activations.

The Dog section has various vehicles at its disposal as required.

Our Dogs over the Years have been very successful in crime Detection.

Our most experienced dog Simba (K/C registered The Prince Of Kyle) Has on a routine patrol found a Drugs factory and Cannabis plantation. As always the Police were immediatley informed, who then obtained and executed a warrant resulting in arrests being made. Simba has also found thieves stealing Lead from a Hospital in our care, again the Police were immediatley informed who then arrested three people. Simba has many other successes. The same with all our other Dogs, they have all had good results.

• Our Dogs have a good reputation and always find what they are looking for.

• Our Dogs have worked on every type of assignment from Building Sites to Hospitals and most things in between.

• Our Dogs are a visible deterent, meaning you are safe in the knowledge that our German Shepherd Dogs are looking after your premises.

• We have German Shepherd Dogs on call at all times. Warning boards are erected on your site, warning you have security and Dogs are in use.

Please note as soon as any crime is detected then the Police will be called.