Key Holding

Beesafe holds keys for any assignment including business premises and private property. When a new set of client keys enters our custody. The first thing that happens the keys are placed on a self sealing key ring that once closed can not be opened. Each key ring has its own individual serial number. The keys are then logged into our data system.

After the keys have been logged. They will be placed in a pouch. When the keys are inside the zip is closed a seal is then put in place with a serial number on it. The pouch can not be opened with out breaking the seal. As soon as the pouch is sealed it will be entered on the seal register, the date the pouch was sealed, who sealed it, the time and the serial number.In the event that the keys are used, the seal register will show who opened them, the reason the pouch was opened, who has re-sealed the pouch and the new serial number.

The alarm key log shows what time the keys went out, the date they went out, who signed them out and the response vehicle ID. The log also shows the date the keys came back, the time the keys came back, who returned them and the response vehicle ID. The keys will be checked and the log signed to say that all keys were present on return Besides our own Key Holdings we are also an approved service provider for The Keyholding Co, and hold keys on there behalf

All keys from the time they enter our custody are on signature. We are able to provide a client with a full audit trail from the minute the keys enter our custody up to any given time. All keys are held in line with the relavant British standard and at all times are in secure conditions, whether they are in the safe of one of our response vehicles on the way to a call out, or secure in our operations centre.

The key pouches carry no address or identification except for the serial number on the seal and a site number